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This MySQL course is for improvers. It is trainer-led (you will be taught by a person, not a video) and substantially hands on. This is because SQL is the toolset for processing/managing database data. Although MySQL is the focus of this course, trainees will be able to apply the skills learnt on the course, to other relational databases.

Amongst other things, candidates will learn the fundamentals of SQL. This includes creating tables and transaction management.

The following are some of the jobs the course is needed for: journalism, clerical/administrative, accountancy, software testing, data analysis, and database development. Also, anyone aspiring to become database literate or anyone that wishes to upgrade their general IT knowledge will benefit from attending this course.

The maximum number of students per course is 10.

The trainer, Ola Oke has been a database developer since 1998. Some of the companies at which he honed his database expertise are Transport For London, Forward 3d London, Societe Generale Tokyo and Clearstream Deutche Borse Luxemburg.

Ola Oke sometimes provides SQL support/help at .

You will need computer and a headphone/microphone for this online course. Information about software to install will be provided via email before the course begins.

Course Content

Sub Queries
  • Basic sub queries - List all students that scored more than the average mark
  • Correlated sub queries

Creating database tables
  • Data Types
  • Primary Keys
  • Foreign Keys
  • Creating tables
  • Altering tables
  • Dropping tables
  • Querying the Data Dictionary
  • Other table constraints - NOT NULL, UNIQUE
  • Default data

Types of SQL
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Data Definition Language

Transaction and Concurrency
  • Commit and Rollback
  • What is a transaction?
  • Importance of a transaction
  • Managing concurrent transactions

  • MS-DOS for MySQL
  • Running SQL Scripts
  • Outputting results to a file
  • Data Dictionary - Information Schema
  • Spooling off

Applied SQL II
  • Demo of a data model
  • How to create Excel files without using Excel
  • How to use SQL for creating Excel files
  • Demo of how SQL is used for retrieving data in a Java web app
  • Demo of how SQL is used for retrieving data in an Android phone app

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  • Must be computer literate.
  • Ability to do basic division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. e.g. 7 X 4 and 15 + 79
  • Good knowledge of the topics of this course: BEGINNER - INTRODUCTION TO SQL/Oracle/DATABASE
  • Good knowledge of the topics of this course: BEGINNER - INTRODUCTION TO SQL/MySQL/DATABASE

  • Learn the fundamentals of SQL.
  • Learn how to create database objects, such as tables.

£135.00 ONLINE
12:00 - 16:00 BST, Sunday 15-Aug-2021 English
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