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Learn software development/coding, so as to meet the huge demand for software engineers.

Note, there is a 2 hour free tasting session of this course. Paste the url below into your browser:

This coding course is for absolute beginners. It is a live, online class that is trainer-led (not video). 100% of the course, is on software coding (not writing HTML or CSS, neither of which is coding). You will start coding software within minutes.

This course will set you on the path into software engineering jobs or jobs that require some degree of coding ability. Other related jobs include, smartphone app development, software testing, data analysis, data science and database development.

Java programming language will be used for teaching coding. Java is used by many companies for developing mission-critical applications. Amongst other things, Java is the backbone of many websites, many banking software and many Android smartphone apps. Therefore, Java is excellent for both learning to code and subsequently getting a software job. Nevertheless, the coding foundation acquired on this course, will enable trainees, smoothly switch to other programming languages, such as Python and C++.

The maximum number of interactive students per course, is 10.

Students that enrol and complete this course, are allowed to attend the next run of this course, as an observer, at no cost.

The trainer has been a software/database developer since 1998. Some of the companies at which he honed his expertise are Transport For London, Forward 3d (London), Societe Generale (Tokyo) and Clearstream Deutche Borse (Luxemburg). In addition, he is a Sun/Oracle Certified Java Programmer.

Students and trainer will communicate via Zoom, therefore you need a headphone/microphone for the course. Also you need a computer that has Java and Eclipse installed. Detailed information about how to get the software to install, will be provided before the course begins.

Course Content

  • What is Computer Programming?

Language Fundamentals
  • Packages in a Nutshell
  • Block of Code
  • Procedures and functions
  • Data Types - String and Integer
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Unidimensional Arrays
  • Operators
  • Reserved words
  • Literals
  • Comments
  • Exceptions

Conditional Statements
  • IF Statements
  • Nested IF Statements

Repetitive Processing with Loops
  • Do Loop

Applied Java I
  • Demo of how Java is used for saving user data, to a database in an Android phone app

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  • Must be computer literate.
  • Ability to do basic division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. e.g. 7 X 4 and 15 + 79

  • Learn how to program a computer

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